Filter Fabric


1. Efficient to collect captured particles and allow pure air as well as liquid to drain.

2. Allow liquid of raw materials to drain for producing qualified   products, such as the filter disc in food processing plants and    raw materials in treatment processing in ceramics industry.

3. Collect filter residues and filtered liquids for the supply of different products allotted or recycling. Available for food and pharmaceutical industry.

4. Treatment for air or dust to avoid a dust burst. Available for   storehouse of flour, coal powder industry etc.

5. Product recycling products. Available for recycling of metal shale etc.
6. Provide dust-oil separation treatment of the contaminants to make final-filtration secure. The filter fabrics can completely solve the problem of contamination from a chemical property caused by decoloring and deodorization.

Fabrics material analysis and recommendation

1. Polypropylene: Light weight, rdsistant to acid and alkali, but   subjcet to deterioration. Available for food processing plants,   pharmaceutical industry and sewage treatment.

2.  Polyester: Strong, resistant to stretching and acid. Available  for pharmaceutical, manure, generalization industry and electro industry.

3.  NOMEX: Available for high temperature collection of dust and jeans.

In addition, short fibers are more suitable for dry filtration, such as dust-collecting bags in cement & mining industry, since the substantial short fibers are on the surface of fabrics to collect dusts. On the other hand, long fibers have smooth surfaces and good strength, so it is more suitable for wet filtration.


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